GALLERY: Jeremy Zucker and Sam MacPherson at Roadrunner

After releasing his EP is nothing sacred this past June, multi-platinum artist Jeremy Zucker is continuing his journey of self-discovery on the road with Alix Page, Tiffany Day, Charlie Hickey, Jane Minch, Kevin Atwater, and indie singer-songwriter and producer Sam MacPherson

After kicking off in Phoenix this October, the Is Nothing Sacred? Tour has made its way North America. On November 3, Jeremy and Sam arrived at Boston’s Roadrunner. 

Like Jeremy, Sam delves into deep emotions in his music. This curiosity was showcased in the earnest songwriting and guitar-driven melodies he shared with the Boston crowd. Selections included “Safe to Say,” the lead single off his sophomore EP Powerlines

Check out photos of “comethru” singer Jeremy Zucker and special guest Sam MacPherson below!