PODCAST: Sam MacPherson Talks Sophomore EP ‘Powerlines’

Featured Photo Credit: Maxwell Goldberg

Singer-songwriter and producer Sam MacPherson recently unveiled his electric new EP Powerlines featuring his heartfelt single “Safe to Say.”

The project, like the single, showcases Sam’s earnest songcraft and candid relatability. 

Boasting the title of one of the top New Jersey artists to hear in 2023 and with nearly 50M career streams, it’s “safe to say” that Sam is an artist to keep an eye on! 

We caught up with Sam before he embarked on his first ever headlining tour to chat about his new EP Powerlines released via Elektra Entertainment and more! 

Excerpt from the podcast: 

You recently released your new EP Power Lines. What was the production process like for that EP? 

The production process, much like the songwriting process, was a bit scattered, which tends to be how I work creatively most of the time. I usually write a bunch of songs and collect them in a batch and then figure out later how they relate to each other or don’t. In this case, I had a large grouping of songs and a lot of songs to pick from. I just slowly started finishing the ones that felt like they were ready to be finished and kind of building this Power Lines world. It was a lot of putting things down on paper and then doing a little musical sonic audit to see if maybe I need a song that covers this lyrical real estate or emotional real estate or tempo real estate. I really was just trying to put forward a dynamic, well-rounded attempt at the story and the world I’m trying to communicate with Power Lines

What was the inspiration for your single “Safe To Say”?

“Safe to Say” is really about growing up and trying not to, realizing that you don’t really have to and no one’s making you. Also, it talks about how there’s just a lot of uncertainties in life, but more specifically in growing up and in thinking about the future and in knowing what tomorrow looks like and all of those things. When you find someone you love and someone that you want to spend time with ,someone that kind of is there outside of the noise, it can make dealing with all of the uncertainties in life a lot more feasible, a lot more enjoyable. It paints all of those struggles more as a privilege that you get to hurdle them and not like a burden. 

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