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R&B has found a new face and sound in Zoe Wees’ ‘Therapy’

Looks can be deceptive. Don’t judge a book by its cover. And my personal favorite metaphorical phrase—don’t just look at the surface. Now, I absolutely broke every one of these unwritten rules when I first laid my eyes on Zoe Wees. With long nails that make a bold style statement, thick braids in a passionate twist, and eyes that look like they are hiding tantalizing secrets, I immediately pegged this German-born artist as a new rapper ready to throw down a ferocious beat and make some noise. I was so wrong. With her soulful energy, Zoe Wees was tailor-made for R&B. Her new LP Therapy is a meaningful medley of 20 ambitious songs and affirmations about gratitude, loss, girl-power, and Zoe Wees’ journey to connect to her ever-growing audience.

Not so long ago, the world was consumed by the pandemic, and many of us were grappling with life in lockdown. Not Zoe Wees. This girl got to work and made music happen. During the pandemic, Wees unleashed her debut single “Control’” on YouTube, Spotify, and a few other digital channels. “Control” is a song with a simmering sense of truth about Zoe fighting to retain control of her body while struggling to live with benign rolandic epilepsy. The song resonated with people worldwide and topped the music charts in France and Germany.

Flash forward to 2023, Therapy is set to puncture a profound hole in the music industry. Musically even at 59 minutes, Therapy hits several triumphant highs with tracks like “Girls Like Us,” “Control” and “Lifeline.” Zoe Wees belts out brutal, honest lyrics about mental health, confidence, and the damage social media can cause. “My music is my therapy, a way to overcome my innermost fears and insecurities. Therapy is more than just an album for me; it accompanies my journey to discover and learn to love myself,” says Wees.

There is a much-welcome change in pace with a rap collab with 6LACK on “That’s How It Goes,” which sounds perfect for a sexy Argentine Tango.

Zoe allows the rocker in her to come out to play, shout, and make her feelings known in “You Ain’t Really Good For Me.”

Though 20 tracks seem like a lot, Therapy is a certified game changer for Zoe and her fans. I have zero doubt in the years to come, Zoe Wees will build stronger connections with her audience while completely disrupting the music industry with her powerful, sometimes sultry voice.

Featured Photo Credit: Lillie Eiger