EXCLUSIVE: SZNS Chats New Single “Behave”

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On our latest podcast episode, we chatted with pop group, SZNS. 

The all-female quartet blends EDM, latin-synth, and house-inspired beats to create songs that not only will get stuck in your head but will make you feel empowered. 

Their latest single, “Behave” is a pop earworm that promotes the message of being your authentic self despite others opinions and expectations. 

We chatted with Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn about the single, bonding during Quarantine, and more. 

Excerpt from the podcast: 

What inspired your new single “Behave”?

Autumn: I’m sitting in the car with my mom and we’re going to CVS. I’m telling her about somebody that I’m dating who said I love you on the phone and I was not ready, so I pretend to break up service [imitates].  Then my mom, of course, is like ‘Autumn what’s wrong with you? It’s  like you never learned how to behave.’ Then I immediately texted the girls, ‘guys this is a song.’ That week, we got into the studio and we all were just kind of pitching around stuff that people have told us in our lives. As women, everybody, but especially as women people are always telling us you have to be polite, you have to be acquiescent,  you have to floss twice a day, cross your legs, don’t wear spaghetti straps. What we’re really going for in the song is we’re saying coaches, teachers, parents, everyone is going to be telling you how to behave and we’re just saying we never learned. I think that this can apply to a lot of different facets of real life. For example, for me, I feel like this is kind of a coming-out song.  I wasn’t really scared of coming out, but I was really reluctant because of how people are going to say she’s doing it for attention or it’s just trendy to be bisexual, and all the judgment around it. When we were writing “Behave,” I was really thinking how people can think whatever they want but I never learned how to behave. 

Winter: “Behave” to us kind of all means something a little different, but that’s what we love about our music. When we are writing a song,  it will start as something singular and it will come together as a whole and it still feels singular and whole at the same time. Like she said, it’s her coming out story, it kind of is that to me as well. I had a similar instance where I came from Indiana where it’s not as open to be whoever you want to be. You do feel very boxed in, you have to fit into this mold they’ve created for you. This song is about busting out and being whoever your soul desires. That’s  what these girls have taught me, and I think we’re teaching each other. That’s the beauty of our music – you just get to find out who we are, and hopefully, you guys do too. 

Listen to the full interview here!

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