Mimi Webb Drops Video for New Single “Reasons”

UK singer/songwriter Mimi Webb released her newest single and music video for “Reasons.” 

Delicate instrumental sequences combine with poetic verses to create a unique pop ballad. 

When asked to describe “Reasons”, Webb commented that “for me, this song really represents the feelings of loneliness, but in the way where we are all just people made up of a bunch of different things. You only have yourself to rely on for this, but then it comes to meeting someone who has all the same broken parts as you do—which turns into a messed-up love. The making of this music video was such an incredible experience. The crew were all just so amazing, and glam really pulled it out the bag. It was the biggest video I’ve done so far and was so fun to really push myself out of my comfort zone from the looks we went for to the positions and movements I was throwing. I really felt my confidence take over and never felt more powerful.”

The accompanying visual directed by Moon, abstractually captures the song’s upbeat energy through various vignettes of Webb on a playground, in a bathtub, and on a rotating mirror.

Her 2020 track “Before I Go” caught fire on Tik Tok when platform superstar Charli D’Amelio utilized Webb’s song in two videos. The track ultimately reached 06.4M million followers, generating a total of over 85.7million views, 13.5M likes, 304.2K comments, 118.7K shares in the app. It also amassed over 12.2 million Spotify streams and 615K YouTube views for the accompanying music video.

Webb’s debut EP is due out later this year.