EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Heather LaRose

Whether she’s performing for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign, interacting with fans on instagram or writing relatable music, Heather LaRose is undeniably “Cool.” Through collaboration and inspiration, LaRose has developed a sound that effortlessly blends electronic and real instruments while also bringing a refreshing and unique twist to classic pop.

ECHO had the chance to chat with LaRose about her new single, “Cool,” her song writing process, and her inspirations.

Congratulations on the release of your new single, “Cool.” Where did the inspiration for that song come from? 

Thank you! I was visiting my parents back in New York and I was walking my dog early in the morning when all of a sudden this guy I had a crush on back in high school ran past me. No shirt on. And we had a little conversation while my greasy hair was in a ponytail. When he walked away, I was thinking, “Why is he so cool”. Once he was out of earshot, I started singing it out loud and me and Wolfie ran home so I could break out the guitar and figure it out more. A couple of months later, I was workshopping it with extremely talented writers and producers, Greisun, Alex Venegas, Joel Ferber, Elliot Sergon. We all were vibing with the new ideas and kept working on it until 5:30am.   

What does your songwriting process look like?

I normally write from a place of overwhelming emotion. Sometimes it’s the melody that comes first, other times it’s the lyrics. There are so many times where a song starts from me drumming on my steering wheel. After I write and develop the topline and come up with several different ideas, I bring it to different writing partners to shape it to be the best version of itself in production. 

Have you always known that you wanted to be a singer/songwriter?

Ever since I could remember, I’ve been in love with music and writing songs. I use to write songs in my English class in 5th grade. Everyone knew when I would start a new one because I’d whip out my special songwriting notebook.  

Who are your musical inspirations?

My first three CDs were from those magazines that used to come in the mail in the early 2000s. My mom let me pick, so I went with The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, ABBA GOLD, and The Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack. Those three records became melodies that I heard over and over again. The sonic profiles are part of my musical DNA. 

Your song “Kerosene” recently hit 100,000 streams on Spotify. How does that feel?

“Kerosene” is a really important song to me. I wrote it after my ex passed away from cancer and it’s about how love lives on no matter what happens. The fact that people are able to connect to it in such a way fills me with peace and hope.

If you had to set up someone in the perfect listening environment for your music, what might it look like? 

The perfect way to listen to my music is in a convertible driving up the PCH with your closest friends. Everyone needs to scream sing the lyrics. 

What was it like having your song “Run With Me” selected by Hillary Clinton as her walk up song during her 2016 Campaign?

To be recognized by one of the most powerful women in the world as an emerging voice of my generation is beyond humbling. I got to perform and meet with Hillary at a couple of her campaign stops on the east coast. I don’t think I’ll ever formally go into politics, however, I hope to be an active voice that stands up for injustice and encourages people to vote for figures and policies that value humanity and the earth.

You have toured with Drake Bell and Rachel Platten. Did either of them give you any advice that has stuck with you?

I was lucky enough to learn more about their journeys. What I took from their stories was their perseverance, ability to grind and not be afraid of small beginnings.

You’re very interactive on social with your fans. Why do you think that is important?

Music is all about connecting with people and giving a sound to universal emotions and life experiences. I love being able to learn more about the people that listen to my music. They know so much about my life, listening and loving on me, it’s only fitting that I try be open listening to them as well.   

What can fans expect next? 

This summer has been such a big year for me working on growing and writing. Right now I’m in a contest with 97.1 AMP Radio to open at The Hollywood Bowl. I’d love to release an EP at the beginning of 2020 but nothing is officially confirmed just yet.

What’s one idea or piece of advice that your would like to ECHO out to the World and your fans?

Don’t be afraid of hearing or using the word “no”. There are reasons why you aren’t involved in a project. There are also reasons why you need to conserve energy and say no to things.

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