Gaidaa Unveils Visual for “Stranger”

Following the release of her live COLORS studio EP last year, fast rising Dutch-Sudanese songstress Gaidaa unveils the visual for her hit track “Stranger.”

The audience enters Gaidaa’s world accompanied by electronic keyboard and chill beats. As the camera pans lefts, we see her captured in moments in time. With each revolution around the room, vignettes are revealed to show the singer painting, pondering, and living her life within the confines of her studio. 

On the third revolution, a young Gaidaa appears, the poetic lyricism of Saba and Jarreau Vandal welcoming her. The visual acts as a poignant love letter to her younger self. She appears to be reflecting on her own idea of who she would be when she grew up. The singer and audience come to the realization that we are all ever-evolving beings. 

Gaidaa continues to draw attention from key tastemakers as she showcases her rich sound and smoky vocals, setting her aside from her peers. All eyes remain on the rising star as she demonstrates her rare artistry and compelling sound.