EXCLUSIVE: Kat Saul chats single “Monsters”

Featured Photo Credit: Matt Blum

We were first introduced to Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based artist Kat Saul last year when she released her debut EP, …From Unit 408. The 5 track project, which includes singles “Nick Miller” and “Unit 408” showcases her signature unapologetic pop that expands across an emotional range. 

Her latest single, “Monsters” explores anxiety and how our fears evolve as we get older. 

We sat down with Kat Saul to chat about “Monsters,” her new project, and more. 

Excerpt from the podcast:

What was the inspiration for “Monsters”?

I had the idea for the line “what’s been under my bed  just moved into my head” in April of 2019, so last spring. I wanted to save the idea for when it felt genuine and it didn’t feel like I was trying to force the rest of the lyrics. Fast forward through the year, obviously some crazy stuff happened. I moved to LA, graduated college and all my friends and family are in Nashville. At this point, maybe this is a little too detailed, but I had been diagnosed with clinical depression and was in super intensive therapy like EMDR. I moved to LA and everyone is freaking out about COVID all of a sudden and I am like what’s going on, there’s a virus, this is crazy. We actually sat down two days before LA shut down the city for the stay-at-home order. It was with my friend Alex Koste.  I love him so much.  I wrote my first big girl cut with him,  which has a special place in my heart. I was super stoked to get back in the room with him and my new friend from that session, Alex Venegas, who is just so personable, so I felt really comfortable opening up to him. Obviously, my fears of moving to LA and feeling super isolated, that was very exclusive to me, but I think we were all kind of scared of the uncertainty and all that had happened in the world. It’s not Dracula anymore. We were all just super terrified of what would happen and the fact that we are adults and however it plays out, we have to deal with that. We were all just scared and wanted to write about going back to a simpler time. I was like, ‘hey, I’ve actually got this line from literally a year ago in my phone notes. Would you guys want to try that?’ They were super on board with it. Alex started playing some piano chords, immediately and I was like this hits 

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