Dasha Releases Viral Hit “21st Birthday”

Dasha is back and exuding more confidence than ever with her viral hit single “21st Birthday.”

This track is incredibly bold in its delicacy and approaches an otherwise happy occasion with the lens of her own loneliness. The single initially went viral on TikTok before its release. Dasha had been sharing lyrics and melodies on her page that rapidly saw hundreds of thousands of views. Fans have fallen in love with her relatability and emotional lyrics of not only “21st Birthday” but her entire discography.

With masterful lyricism, Dasha weaves a vivid anecdote of aching disappointment, providing listeners a brief glimpse into the balance young love treads between carefulness and carelessness. The somber track reutilizes soft pop elements to craft a graceful acoustic melody as endearing as it is heartbreaking. 

On the track’s inspiration, Dasha reflects, “I feel like birthdays are… an excuse to put a messy history in the past and show that you’re still thinking about them. In “21st Birthday,” the one person in the entire world I wanted to reach out to me, never called. You could be in a crowded room full of people who love you, but still feel so alone if just that one person you wish was around isn’t there.”

Dasha elevates her sound with each release. Whether writing, singing, or producing, Dasha is sure to have her finger on the pulse, dually designing her own signature style as well as drawing inspiration from others. At the end of the year Dasha released an electro-pop cover of R.E.M. ‘s “Losing My Religion” amassing over 300,000 streams on Spotify exploring a new side of her sound that immediately paid off. 

Her unabashed independence echoes through the ease she inhabits in her role as an artist. Never afraid to say what she means, Dasha carves out her own identity, embodying a sound equal parts hitmaker and heartbreaker. 

Listen to “21st Birthday”: HERE