Rising Artist Brandon Furtado Releases New Single “Selena”

Aspiring pop sensation Brandon Furtado released his feel-good single “Selena.” This track is sure to have its listeners playing on repeat and jamming out in their cars with their windows down. 

This single begins with an acoustic guitar that quickly melds into a mix of genres, swerving between classic synths and double-time drumbeats. The Latin feel will make you want to “move your hips like Shakira” as you daydream about summer nights and parties by the beach.  

On the song’s inspiration, Brandon explains “‘Selena’ is “the story of meeting someone at a club on a summer’s night and going all out with them the whole weekend. It’s a totally fun love song about letting go and just having a blast.” 

Brandon hails from Somerset, Massachusetts, and has been writing music for over six years, though he has been playing for as long as he can remember. Brandon is just getting started with this track only being his fourth single, but he is revving up for a successful year.