Daniel Seavey Surprises Fans with Debut EP ‘Dancing In The Dark’

“I believe if we fight for the gifts we’re given, we can overcome anything, and this EP is proof of that,” Daniel Seavey exclusively told PEOPLE Magazine about the launch of Dancing in the Dark.

Recently caught in the web of a heated legal battle with his former management company, Daniel Seavey moved forward and remained true to his convictions with a magnificent drop of his debut solo EP, “Dancing in the Dark,” proving yet again for anyone who doubts his skills or is stuck on hate; that Daniel is an artist who is here to stay and play.  

As a former fan favorite in the 14th season of American Idol, Daniel Seavey has mastered the guitar, cello, piano, violin, and the Fonda Theater in Hollywood, playing to a sold-out crowd of screaming girls craving a one-on-one glance from Daniel’s steel blue eyes. In 2016, Daniel became a member of the band Why Don’t We, and in 2023, he took the leap and embarked on a hugely successful solo career.

Cue the screaming teenage girls; this EP plunges right into the action with the seductive “Fall Into You,” a single about the landscape of a much-needed love rescue. With the ever-present plunk of his guitar, part of its appeal is Daniel’s exceptional vocal control, tone, and consistency. 

Daniel does not stick to the rules of any genre. Though no beat repeats itself in this 7-track collection, it is a fun mash-up of rock, pop, and hip-hop. While “Give It a Week” lands in the finger-snapping pop genre, “I Tried” merits much attention, and “Can We Pretend That We’re Good” is hip-hop on catnip. 

Though Seavey often dwells on the dynamics of love, relationships, and the sex that follows, Dancing in the Dark is a little piece of music paradise where each track stands strong on its own legs. The sexually explicit lyrics and naughty spirit featured in “Nothing Compares to You” spotlights the bad boy that Daniel keeps in his back pocket.

At just 24 years old, Daniel Seavey is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter and producer who harnesses the power of those who came before him, but creates his spin that is a defining force. Inevitably a performer in every sense of the word, Daniel Seavey is a clear contender for a long and celebrated solo music career.