Abi Releases Video for Single, “Boomerang”

Texas born singer, Abi is making her mark on the country music scene with her honest and relatable lyrics. Her most recent single “Boomerang” reveals a cyclical love story. On April 19, Abi released the video for the track.

ECHO had the chance to chat with Abi about new music, her experience touring with Kelly Clarkson and her love of travel and fashion.

You just released your song Boomerang, where did you draw your inspiration for that song from?
While I didn’t write Boomerang, I very much so relate to the song. It truly reflects me, a free spirit, and the people I am lucky to have around that keep me grounded.

You’ve said that your music is very honest. Has there ever been a time when you were writing and you questioned whether you wanted to share something?
No! I am an open book. Songwriting is my therapy and I don’t hold anything back.

How have your Texas roots shaped you as an artist?
Growing up in Texas is a huge part of where my love for country comes from. It feels like home.

Did you grow up in a musical family?
No! Not at all, actually. But my family is extremely supportive.

You started writing music at a young age. What inspired you to start writing?
I used to write in a diary, but I never understood not sharing it with people! I started to put my emotions to music when I found a love for it in musical theatre.

Your songwriting originally brought you from Texas to LA.What brought you to Nashville?
Country music! It’s the best city for it, and I’ve met so many like-minded individuals.

You’ve toured with Kelly Clarkson. Did you learn anything from Kelly that you’ve utilized in your writing or performing?
Absolutely! She’s such a great performer and has a hysterical banter, she is constantly either cracking jokes or being incredibly vulnerable. It’s incredible to watch.

When can fans expect a tour?
Hopefully, soon!

What can fans expect from your music in the future?
I’ve been working on some really deep stuff, all about things I’ve been going through—it’s my most vulnerable and honest, I’m extremely excited.

It’s clear from your instagram how much you love fashion. Do you enjoy picking out your outfits for performances?
Yes! I love it. Fashion is just another art form I express myself through.

Your instagram features a lot of food and travel. What is your favorite place that you’ve been and the best food you ate there?
Oh most definitely! I love to travel, it’s the best classroom. My favorite city will always be Paris, but I love Australia for the food—Chin Chin in Melbourne is hands down one of my favorite restaurants in the world!

Like a “Boomerang,” no matter what you’re listening to, you will always be drawn back to Abi’s music.

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