EXCLUSIVE: Dana Vaughns Talks New Song “Sweet Tea” and Kayne West’s Coachella Easter Service

Before Dana Vaughns went to celebrate with Kanye West at Coachella on Easter Sunday, Vaughns released his sweet new single called “Sweet Tea” and it’s amazing. This single is just a taste of what we’ll hear from Vaughns in his upcoming EP. ECHO had the chance to chat with Vaughns about his new single and what’s next for him.

Congrats on your song “Sweet Tea” what was the recording process like?It definitely has a different vibe/feeling than your other songs. Did you have that objective in mind? Trying to make it sound a lot different, more current on what’s the radio today R&B wise? 

No objective in mind but to create something special to me. The feels you get in Sweet Tea are the backbone for my upcoming e.p. All my singles prior to this one was me finding my sound and now that I have; my fans can expect to get smooth “soul-pop” from me. 

Since it’s called “Sweet Tea” do you like your tea sweet or unsweetened?

I like my tea sweet! 

What’s next for you?

Just coming off of performing in Kanye’s Sunday Service at Coachella and Season 1 of BET’s American Soul, I’m excited to focus on releasing new music. Fans can expect and e.p this summer and more fun content from me. Season 2 of American Soul has been approved and more announcements to be made soon. 

You attended Kanye’s Coachella Easter Sunday service, what was that like? 

I was blessed to be one of the people performing in the service. I was called to dance by Kanye at Coachella 2019! It was larger than life. We made history because Coachella has never authorized any religious driven set at their festival. It was streamed and me and about 100 others; that includes the choir and band, we’re responsible for bringing the spirit into millions of hearts this Easter. 

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