Wild Youth Releases New Single “Through the Phone”

Ireland’s indie-pop band, Wild Youth have released “Through the Phone.” 

The single’s melancholic piano builds to a string of acoustic guitars and energetic pop sounds. The song’s relatable lyrics and contagious energy musically encourage staying connected with those you love, despite physical distance. The track’s topical message will resonate with many, as loneliness has permeated this year’s global quarantine.

“This year more than any other, we’ve all felt some form of separation. “Through the Phone” is a song we wrote about that, a song about being away from someone you love. A song about letting them know your love is stronger than ever, and to focus on the good times when you’re together,” the band revealed.

This Irish quartet’s pounding choruses, explosive melodies and deft lyricism contribute to their growing worldwide following.

“Next to You,” a euphoric 80s-steeped soundscape and kaleidoscopic video preceded this single and globally launched Wild Youth. “Next to You” garnered 650K streams on Spotify alone, adding to the band’s streaming impact with earlier releases such as “Can’t Move On” and “Making Me Dance.”

Listen to “Through The Phone” here.