EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dave and Conor from Wild Youth

On the latest episode of ECHO – The Podcast we chatted with Wild Youth. 

After climbing the charts in 2019, this irish band is poised for global domination with their catchy single, “Next To You.”

This new track is  a “sad banger” that creatively captures the classic concept of love at first sight.

“Next to You” is about an immediate connection with somebody; that overwhelming feeling of meeting “the one”, and wanting to spend every single minute by their side. Regardless of whatever that involves, you’ll literally do anything,” the band shared. 

To match the track’s upbeat 80’s inspired sound, the band collaborated with The Tenth Man to create a vibrant and colorful video that features psychedelic visuals and signature dance moves.

Listen to what the band had to say about the single, the video and more!

Excerpt from the podcast:

What was the inspiration behind your new single, “Next To You”?

Conor: The inspiration behind that song is the immediacy of love at first sight. It’s something I think we all really believe in. We’re quite an emotional bunch. 

Dave: We cry all the time. 

Conor: It’s about the kind of whirlwind of falling in love with someone, immediately. I describe it as that feeling of being so in love with someone that you could be vegan and they are like I really fancy getting a burger. And you’re like, yeah sure, I’ll get a burger too and you’re eating the burger about to puke, but you just want to do it so you can spend that bit more time with them or so that you hope they like you more. It’s all about those little things, just all the things you do and the sacrifice you make in those early stages to just try and spend as much time with someone as possible. 

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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