TV Review: “GRISELDA” – A Riveting Tale of Power, Ambition, and the Dark Side of Miami’s Past

Executive Producers Eric Newman and Andrés Baiz, along with an impressive cast led by Sofía Vergara, weave a compelling narrative in the limited series “GRISELDA.” Spanning the tumultuous world of drug trade in 1970s-80s Miami, the show unveils the complex life of Griselda Blanco, portrayed by Vergara.

From the seasoned showrunners of “NARCOS” and “NARCOS: MEXICO,” “GRISELDA” masterfully explores the life of the notorious Griselda Blanco. The series delves into her lethal cocktail of charm and savagery, portraying her rise to infamy as “the Godmother” of one of the most potent drug cartels in history.

Under the direction of Andrés Baiz, each episode is a cinematic masterpiece, capturing the essence of the era. The attention to detail in set design by Knut Loewe, along with the captivating music by Carlos Rafael Rivera, creates a rich and immersive experience. The costumes by Safowa Bright Bitzelberger and Sarah Evelyn Bram are not just outfits but symbols, reflecting the characters’ evolution.

Sofía Vergara’s portrayal of Griselda Blanco is nothing short of brilliant. She navigates the complexities of a character who is both ruthless and fascinating with a nuanced performance. The supporting cast, including Alberto Guerra, Christian Tappan, and Vanessa Ferlito, complements Vergara’s presence, bringing depth to the narrative.

The series unfolds through six meticulously crafted episodes, each with its own intriguing logline. From Griselda’s arrival in Miami to her tumultuous journey consolidating power and battling rival cartels, every episode offers a gripping storyline. The writing team, led by Ingrid Escajeda and Doug Miro, ensures a perfect blend of suspense, drama, and unexpected twists.

The character ensemble is well-etched, portraying Griselda’s relationships with key figures like Dario Sepúlveda (Alberto Guerra), Arturo Mesa (Christian Tappan), and Rivi Ayala (Martín Rodríguez). The dynamics reveal the intricate web of alliances and betrayals in the drug trade.

The cinematography by Armando Salas and the evocative music by Carlos Rafael Rivera contribute significantly to the series’ atmosphere. The visual and auditory elements seamlessly transport the audience to the visceral world of Miami’s drug trade.

GRISELDA is an enthralling journey into the dark underbelly of crime, power, and ambition. Sofía Vergara’s portrayal of Griselda Blanco, combined with stellar production and storytelling, makes it a must-watch for fans of crime dramas. It’s a riveting exploration of a woman who defied norms to become a notorious force in a male-dominated world.