Tom Hanks’ ‘A Man Called Otto’ Is Streaming On Netflix

In Tom Hanks’ tear jerker, heart-warming movie, A Man Called Otto, we see a man called Otto be a little stubborn, close minded but at the same time also open hearted. Hanks, who plays Otto, shows an opposite side we typically see him in, like a dream thinking cowboy toy, in this he plays a man who just went through trauma and lost. After losing his wife, Otto slowly declines mentally, always being that one old man who yells at people for being “idiots.” After a new family moves onto his street in his HOA, he starts to become friends with them. After realizing he may have more to live for, his life starts to turn around for the better.

A Man Called Otto shows that life is about living and being open minded, it’s not all just one family or one person, it’s about being close and connected with your community and make memories as long as you’re here for. You can watch Tom Hanks in A Man Called Otto now on Netflix!

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