The Scarlet Opera Finally Catches Up With Boston

After making the emotional decision to postpone their Boston show due to illness, The Scarlet Opera was “back with a vengeance” for the unofficial last night of The Catch Us If You Can tour. On June 11, Boston’s Sonia was the place to be

Dressed in a black corset, perfect for the night’s theme of Opera Haus, opener Hayes Warner took the stage. 

“These have been the best three weeks of my life,” Warner told the crowd before launching into her high energy set for one last night. Her performance was charged with empowered heartbreak anthems like her hit “Breadcrumbs,” and her viral cover of No Doubt’s “Just A Girl.”

Her performance ushered in The Scarlet Opera, who arrived to the stage in style. Lead vocalist Luka Balzuka wore distressed formal attire, a custom Athena Lawton design. The style also extended to the stage with a golden moon hung high above and a painted ocean surrounding the band.

Despite having only one EP out, they filled the night with music. Their 14-song setlist ranged from originals like “Riot” and their tour’s namesake “Catch Me If You Can” to covers that were performed with exuberant theatricality.

In a heartfelt speech introducing a cover of Antony and the Johnsons’ “I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy,” Luka expressed the importance of “creating spaces where everybody belongs.” 

He explained how The Scarlet Opera seeks to create a space “where I can have people in my military family draped in a t-shirt, or people who love to wear a ball gown to the club. That is what we want from this. So, welcome, welcome. Bring your friends. If you need it, keep coming back. We always want this to be a safe space for everyone.” 

Sonia was both a haven and a party, and it was worth the wait!