The Marias Captivate Boston with Two Sold Out Shows


The Marias lead vocalist  MARIA ZARDOYA and her partner, producer and multi instrumentalist, JOSH CONWAY sit down to finally write and produce their highly anticipated debut album, CINEMA



The Marias take over Boston’s Paradise Rock club for night one of two sold out shows on their CINEMA tour. 

Following engaging and vibey sets from OGI and Evann Macintosh, a captivating narrator cooed, “It’s been too long.”

After a notably long pause, Zardoya, Conway, Jesse Perlman (guitar), Edward James (keys), and Gabe Steiner (trumpet) were welcomed to the stage by a symphony of strings.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

Beginning with “Just A Feel,” the band dove into the night’s soundtrack. Like a film, the set was rarely interrupted by commentary. Each “scene” flowed into the next like one cohesive storyline. 

The crowd was enraptured by the set that oscillated between alt pop and psychedelic soul. Trumpet flourishes, a cover of Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time,” and “Clueless,” a single off  their 2018 project Superclean Vol. II drew exceptionally loud cheers from the captivated crowd.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

The applause turned thunderous with each nod to Zardoya’s Puerto Rican roots. In between songs, including “Déjate Llevar” and “Hable con Ella,” Zardoya would speak Spanish to the crowd peppered with mini Puerto Rican flags.

The night’s lighting was vibrant with nods to Pedro Almodóvar and Wes Anderson’s signature color palettes. Rich yellows and reds created a welcome and warm mood, while punchy spotlights guided the audience’s eye from Zardoya, to Conway, and between Perlman, James, and Steiner.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

The intimacy of the venue also recalled Almodóvar and Anderson’s cinematography. The size allowed Zardoya to interact with fans who were able to come right to the edge of the stage. She even borrowed a couple phones from the crowd to capture video. 

The truly cinematic set came to a close under the glow of red light and an encore featuring “Hush.”

Catch the CINEMA tour in your city. Tickets here!

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

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