Tessa Violet “Crush”es It At The Sinclair

From her vibrant yellow hair to her unique music release schedule – Tessa Violet is known for “breaking the mold” and her departure from the expected. Her out of the box artistry was apparent in her live show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA. 

The show began with a robotic voice counting down to Violet’s set that led to a quote from the 70s sci-fi classic film, Logan’s Run before fading into The Office Theme. 

On a dimly lit stage, Violet and her band, sporting matching jumpsuits, began a 15 song set with “I Like (the idea of) You,” a track off her EP Bad Ideas (Act I) and the title of her tour. She then continued with songs including new releases such as “Bored” and “Games.” 

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

Throughout the performance Violet incorporated the audience in the show, teaching them choreography and call-and-response lyrics. At intervals she interjected honest revelations about her own personal struggles with anxiety and her tendency to be pessimistic, “I know that’s a coping mechanism. I do it because I like to think it will keep me safe – that it will save me from future disappointment…But in fact it doesn’t work that way. Pessimism doesn’t save you from anything. It just robs you from joy in the moment.” She wove words of encouragement into her performance by noting to the audience to, “Remember you are the first and last you there will ever be.” 

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

Violet’s unconventional, candid and interactive stage presence was enthusiastically embraced and met with engaging audience exchanges throughout the performance.

The set concluded with her hit single, “Crush;” while her floral backdrop lit up in rainbow colors.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

If you’re looking for a great performance filled with the unexpected, catch Tessa Violet in a city near you. Buy tickets here.

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