SERGIO Releases Confessional New Single “Fix Me”

Pop-Latino singer-songwriter SERGIO releases his newest single “Fix Me.” Rooted in the idea of self-improvement and knowing that while you may want to be with someone, you’re not able to be the best version of yourself just yet, the song is a vulnerable way for Sergio to share what he has learned being on his own. 

Sergio notes, “Growing up, I was never alone, and as amazing as it was, it led me to attachment issues and I was too dependent on others for my own happiness. I knew that the fear of facing certain insecurities I was trying to hide by being with this person was going to be worth facing if I actually want to be with them in the future.” 

“Fix Me” has become a confessional for Sergio’s own emotions, and is a testament to Sergio’s honesty with his fans through his music and engagement online. Sergio further adds, “I hope this song can help others as much as it helped me.” 

Sergio’s candidness in his music is something he will continue to push forward with as he is working on his upcoming EP later this year. 

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