Seeva Releases Debut Album ‘We Need to Talk’

The latest electrop-pop voice is British artist, Seeva. His debut album, We Need to Talk, is an honest exploration of mental health, heartbreak, and sexuality.

From upbeat bops like “Young” to thoughtful tracks like “Princess,” Seeva is an open book. 

“Listening to this album really is like reading my diary – my mantra during the whole writing process was for it to be ‘open and honest’. It’s super personal and frank, and it was important to me to be at the helm of this project in terms of writing and production alongside the tight-knit team of people who made the record possible. I wanted to prove to myself that I could dive in deep and be honest with myself about mental health, heartbreak, sexuality and just growing up in our society, and finishing the album during lockdown allowed me time to reflect and write even more intensely. There’s nothing and everything to lose with a debut album – you only get one shot at making it – but writing it completely independently allowed me to be as authentic and raw with my feelings as possible. There were lots of tears, but there’s a beat behind the emotion,” Seeva shared. 

Prior to this debut, Seeva was recognized by Beats 1 Radio, BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6, Soho Radio and Hoxton Radio and has taken on unique projects such as an original score for the Tate Modern Andy Warhol 100 Birthday celebration. 

Listen here and introduce yourself to this rising artist.