REVIEW: Zach Hood Gets Vulnerable in New Single “lonely isn’t the word for this”

Zach Hood released his third single this year titled “lonely isn’t the word for this” in late May along with a music video starring Hood himself. The song comes after his highly popular release “never knew a heart could break itself” that has gathered over 5 millions plays on Spotify alone. 

Vulnerability is the name of the game in this single with lyrics that ooze self expression and show the artist open up to his audience. Opening up with Hood’s delicate vocals and a hooky rhythmic guitar riff sets the scene for a show of emotional poignancy.  

The lyrics bring the listener from the passion felt at the spark of a new relationship through the empty feelings after parting ways. Hood longingly sings, “lonely isn’t the word for this. Didn’t know I could hurt like this,” through each chorus, harping on just how low you can feel after someone close to you leaves your life. 

The music video shows the story arc that brings the artist to these feelings of loss and heartbreak. In the video, he is seen in a diner and driving a car with his date and later revisits the spots special for housing the memories made with the person he was seemingly in a relationship with.

The Tik-Tok star turned singer-songwriter has been making waves among the younger generation of listeners who are looking for the raw vulnerability showcased in Hood’s work. With over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Hood is catching the attention of his listeners and delivering.

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