REVIEW: ‘Weatherman’ EP by Eddie Benjamin

Featured Photo Credit: Luke Dickey

If Amos Lee and Justin Beiber had a baby with Norah Jones…Eddie Benjamin would be the winning mashup. 

Born and raised by artists (a drummer and a dancer), creativity was always a part of Eddie’s environment. Eddie first popped on the music radar a couple of years ago with a rock band called Haze Trio; this twenty-one-year-old sings like a veteran, staging a come-back with something to prove. But what is left for Eddie to attest? He has already written and produced for the likes of Shawn Mendes, Cordae, Meghan Trainor, and Earth Wind & Fire. 

On June 9th, Eddie dropped his debut EP confirming that he is a valuable asset within the music industry with forecasts from People who labeled him as an “artist to watch” and as “the next generation” by mentor and tourmate Justin Beiber. 

The multi-layered production of Weatherman was handled by Kid Culture, Eddie, and mixed by the hip hop producer, Mike Dean. From that first captivating plunk of the guitar, Weatherman pulls you in. This sexy Alessia Cara collab is worthy of any movie soundtrack. And the guitar solo featured in “Emotional” is sublime. Bumpin’ and grindin’ seem mandatory when this track blares out of anyone’s earbuds. 

As a classically trained bassist, you unequivocally hear the Jimi Hendrix influence throughout Weatherman. Featuring more stellar instrumentals like the piano and flute, this EP is a palette of R&B, jazz, and house party atmosphere. Eddie does more than sing; he connects with his lyrics, unlike any other artist. As poignant layers unfold in each track, Eddie’s sincere charisma is revealed. Weatherman has an old-school vibe from a very young soul and clearly demonstrates that Eddie Benjamin was designed to last.

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