REVIEW: The Band Camino’s Album ‘The Dark’

Get ready to dive into the infectious sounds of The Band Camino’s new album, The Dark. It’s an experience akin to an emotional roller coaster with intricately crafted, guitar-fueled sounds.

Launched in Memphis, Tennessee, in the heart of 2015, The Band Camino has proudly dropped their eagerly anticipated sophomore album, The Dark, via dblblk/Elektra Records, an impressive catalog of songs with the potential to appeal to universal markets.

The band tapped in key collaborators Andrew Goldstein, Jordan Schmidt, Seth Ennis, Geoff Warburton, Jake Torrey, and Alysa Vanderhym to assemble this brute force of a rock anthem. The Dark is something close to special and should be greeted with a plethora of open arms and a few sold-out stadium concerts. It illustrates the band’s musical prowess and ability to candidly navigate the labyrinth of relationships.

With its soundtrack vibes and 11 songs, the core of The Dark is the melody of unguarded and captivating tracks about coming face-to-face with past demons and the conflicts that falling in and out of love shoves in all of our faces. In short, this Nashville-based pop-rock trio has pulled open a very personal curtain and allowed fans a profound peek. Also, these emo-charged tracks provide a much-needed immersive experience to listeners. “Told You So” and “What Am I Missing” are just a few deep explorations that unspool human complexity and fragility.

The Band Camino is more than rock musicians. They are poets and philosophers and, more importantly, three cool guys who transformed their passion into an energized journey every lover of music should embark on. They know how to create a powerful blend of sound that revels in pop-rock mayhem and stands apart from the rest. 

Nothing screams scattered and chaotic in The Dark. Frequently provocative, this trio does not fumble for relevancy. The Dark reminds this new fan of a musical fabric you weave through when you succumb to the haze of booze, weed, and one or two regrettable interactions from your recent happy hour. Seasoned and professional, The Band Camino deftly transforms rock right before your ears. Their lyrics are aggressive and sensitive, making you want to surrender to the rush.

Featured Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine