You had me at Solomon. What do you get with a string of brilliant songs and a pioneering sound?  Solomon. His highly anticipated debut 8-track EP FOR STARTERS, released via 300 Entertainment recently dropped and is streaming across multiple platforms. Solomon collaborated with industry heavy-hitters Trackside, Al Shux (Kendrick Lamar, SZA), Owen Cutts (Stormzy, Kojey Radical), Grades (H.E.R, Khalid, Dua Lipa) and Grammy Award winning artist, Timbaland.

Listening to For Starters took me to the streets of NYC, where I can envision myself strolling through the cluster of foot traffic, protecting my over-priced latte from a near fatal collsion, when suddenly I stop on a corner as the exceptional sound of music flows into my ears. There is a performer carving out a tone and aesthetic all his own. A handsome 25 year old transplant from London whose voice commands all of my attention. I was not prepared for this. But all I can do is stop and listen, because Solomon’s talent is beyond undeniable. 

Smart and effective, For Starters is equal parts distinctive and tastefully steamy as it delves into the tangles of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. Combining musical flavors of ballads and soft hip hop, For Starters looks, feels, and sounds timeless. While empathy and regret lurk in the shadows, I appreciate how storytelling is at the center of For Starters.  This EP has the hallmarks of a man with a need to unburden himself. With sincerity in his voice and an undercurrent of Marvin Gaye, Do you want my love? is a special track. There is a reason why it’s first on the EP— It opens without instrumental accompaniment and Solomon’s audacious vocals. 

Dehydrate and Listen Up (the shortest track here) go hand-and-hand, while Phases  is the wounded heart, flawed love track with lyrics bumping up the tension and featuring the stellar rap vocals of Kojey Radical. For Starters does more than simply recount love and any rapid downfall of it; It is a compilation of songs that will generate plenty of sparks.

With his signature guitar melody highlighted throughout, Solomon and his debut EP For Starters  should be on everyone’s radar. With an affecting dash of badassary, Solomon has an exceptional sound that will certainly fuel his career path for years to come.