REVIEW: Louis Tomlinson Creates a Night to Remember in Boston

As rising solo artist Louis Tomlinson hits the road for his Faith In The Future Tour, he is only moving in one direction, and that is forward. This 2nd album world excursion will take him everywhere, from LA to Antwerp. On July 25, Louis returned to MGM Fenway for night two of his sold-out Boston performance stop.

The venue crowd was treated to impressive sets from Andrew Cushin and Giant Rooks. The latter first went viral on TikTok for their gritty rendition of Suzanne Vega’s iconic song, “Tom’s Diner.” To hear singles like “Bedroom Exile” and “Wild Stare” echo through the venue with the Berlin band’s radiant energy was quite the treat. 

Photo of Louis Tomlinson performing.
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

In 2022, Louis spoke with SiriusXM about his sophomore album Faith In The Future. “This whole record was written with the whole show in mind,” he said of the experimental project. “That has always been my favorite part of the job, to see the songs come to life.” 

The first song Louis “brought to life” Tuesday night was “The Greatest.” This anthem set the stage for a full-energy set, complete with arena-level lighting and visual displays. 

The 20-song set continued with “Lucky Again” and “Holding on To Heartache,” highlighting his latest album’s lush instrumentation and matured lyricism.

“I would not be able to do these shows without all of you,” Louis told the crowd in between songs. 

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

It’s been over a decade since audiences were first introduced to the South Yorkshire native. Fans have seen him through every chapter, from reality show contestant to boy band member, to stand-out star. As Louis’ journey, it has taken “a long, long way to get here,” but his gratitude for where it has led him was apparent every time he looked out into the crowd and took in every single lyric that those fans sang back at double the volume. 

Following a solo rendition of “Night Changes,” the venue glowed with cellphone lights as fans sang, and some even barked (don’t ask) along to “Common People.” Soon after, Louis erupted into a wild “Written All Over Your Face,” complete with on-stage pyrotechnics. 

After a brief pause, he returned to the stage for an encore, which began with a stripped-back version of “Saturdays,” followed by One Direction’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.”  

“You were lovely, Boston,” Louis called out as confetti cannons shot streamers high into the rafters closing out the night. Yeah, nights like these we’ll remember!

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