REVIEW: Hayley Kiyoko Releases Sophomore Album ‘Panorama’

Featured Photo Credit: Trevor Flores

Hayley Kiyoko is back with her new sophomore album Panorama which arrived at the end of July. The album comes just in time for Kiyoko to embark as a special guest on Lauv’s All 4 Nothing Tour.

The album starts out with the song “sugar at the bottom” which does a good job of drawing listeners in to intrigue them to listen further. An easy to listen to synth track that feels soft around the edges and uses enough syncopation to catch the listener’s ear is the backdrop for the song. Kiyoko’s vocals cut through and tell the story of a toxic person removed from someone’s life as she sings, “I’m so glad you’re someone else’s problem thinking he’ll find sugar at the bottom.”

Previously released single “for the girls” appears as the third track on the album and has amassed over four millions streams on Spotify alone. It’s easy to see why as the song opens up onto a catchy click track under a syncopated bass line while Kiyoko’s strong vocals command the verse. Then the track blooms into an all out female power anthem proclaiming, “summer’s for the girls” over a thrumming bass undercurrent.  

Further down the tracklist falls sparkly “deep in the woods” which mellows and slows the album. She captures the feeling of meeting someone who is meant to be with you when she sings, “baby I, I know I met you in another life you’re unforgettable.” This track is another catchy song that can’t help but get lodged in the listener’s head with oozy bass that nestles into the background of Kiyoko’s vocals and a sharp drum part. 

The album showcases Kiyoko’s consistent sound highlighted by solely electronic instrumentals that transform her catchy verses and fervent lyricism into an almost dance club feel. She puts herself, vocally and personally, on display and recounts complex emotions with grace throughout the album. 

Dates and tickets for Kiyoko’s tour with Lauv that kicks off this summer can be found here.