REVIEW: FINNEAS Releases New Single “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa”

FINNEAS just released his newest single “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa,” dedicated to his longtime girlfriend Claudia Sulewski. The track is accompanied by a gushy music video directed by Sulewski herself. 

The song opens up with a catchy electric drum track that jumps into the catchy bass-heavy verse with ease. The verse launches into the chorus which has a rough around the edges feel, mainly attributed to the meaty electric guitar track and electronic echo imposed on the artist’s vocals. The chorus is just about bursting at the seams with passion, almost mimicking what it feels like to love someone so much it’s scary. 

While the musicianship in the song is impressive, the lyricism does not disappoint, as most any other one of  FINNEAS’s songs. The LA based musician gushes, “she could be the Mona Lisa if the Mona Lisa had a prettier face,” which accompanies other various sweet nothings. 

The music video is heavy with tender moments shared between two people seemingly totally enthralled in each other. It might be hard to resist an amount of envy for the beautifully endearing couple, but their shared bliss rubs off on listeners through the track and music video. 

FINNEAS has cut his teeth on raw, moving songs that capture love and all the wild thoughts and feelings that rage along with it. “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa” is yet another example of his lyrical craftsmanship and savvy as a songwriting, producing musician. 

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