RAYE “Genesis.”: An Impressive Multitude of Genres and Vocals

It’s abundantly clear that RAYE understands music on an innate level.

In the midst of a festival run, the British singer-songwriter released her EP “Genesis.” on June 7. A three-act project that showcases RAYE’s impressive vocals and genres while telling a story of new beginnings and perseverance.

The title track “Genesis.” is a poetic, honest commentary on society portraying a multitude of genres. The entire EP features four tracks: the first one, “Genesis.,” a seven-minute compilation of tracks two, three and four divided into “parts.”

Genesis, pt. i” begins as a conversation RAYE seems to be having with herself, commenting on external and internal pressures she is facing. The opening lyrics are: “They say the twenties are the best years of your life/But I seem to be spending mine missing sunsets/’Cause I’m busy on my phone observing everyone else.” 

RAYE is only 26 years old — with her impressive career just beginning — but she can’t help but reflect on the infantilizing virtual undertones that impact herself and her generation. 

The second part of “Genesis.” sounds akin to the R&B-club music most know her for, found on tracks like “Prada” and “Escapism.” She faces self-destructive tendencies and pressures in the chorus: “I see a sad little sinner in the mirror/The devil works hard like my liver/I don’t wanna be alive, but I don’t wanna die/A fistful of pills and rivers in my eyes.”

Genesis, pt. iii” shifts into a 1920s jazz sound that showcases RAYE’s incredible vocal abilities — both in her tone and her range. The third part repeats variations of “I want that light” and “let their be light,” taking a more optimistic tone than the previous two parts.

RAYE is an incredible musician that has repeatedly proved she is becoming, if not already, a household name. Her vocals are absolutely breathtaking and diverse; her inclusion of several genres caters to a wide range of audiences.

Listen to “Genesis.” now: https://rayeofficial.com

Featured Photo Credit: KAPFHAMMER