Prom Pact Teaches Us How To Live Life With Balance

If you thought you were learn how to live life from a Disney+ movie, you might be in denial, but the new original movie, Prom Pact, is a movie that surprisingly hits that. A rom-com movie starring Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Mandy Yang and Milo Manheim as Ben Plunkett, we see two best friends starting as those stereotypical friends in High School that know no one else, from there we see them learn that life is worth taking risks VS staying in a bubble. We see Mandy’s character go from being too serious about her future and career to falling for the typical high school jock, Blake Draper as Graham Lansing. Their relationship blossoms from just a smart kid tutoring, to a cheesy romance that makes you smile happily. We see Ben’s character go from that awkward over thinker, to that confident thinker and dating popular girl in school, Monique Green as Latoya Reynolds.

The movie is a cute, fun watch for any young adult, it shows viewers that life is not all about playing it safe and thinking about your career, but also to have a balance with fun life, going out and putting yourself out there to meet people, maybe even a date.

You can watch Prom Pact on Disney+ now!

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