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EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Bochner Chats “Sucker Punch” and Upcoming Debut EP

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New York singer-songwriter Rachel Bochner has unleashed her knock-out single “Sucker Punch.” Known for navigating her twenties with vulnerable pop lyricism, Rachel has created a cathartic track that plots a post-heartbreak revenge fantasy.

On the single, her conversational lyrics are layered over moody, distorted guitars and heavy bass tracks, which eventually leads up to a powerful and catchy hook. 

“Sucker Punch” is the first track to be released from her debut EP later this year. The project with continue to explore the revenge fantasy and the things we do to make ourselves feel a little better, even if they aren’t the healthiest.

We chatted with Rachel about the single, her upcoming EP, and more! 

What inspired your new single “Sucker Punch”? 

To put it simply, “Sucker Punch” is a reaction to having your emotions played with and your time wasted. Sometimes when I’m writing, I don’t realize how *not* over a situation or feeling I am until a verse or a chorus pours out and I’m like… okay guess we haven’t let that one go yet… The chorus idea actually came to me while sitting on the subway – I weirdly have a lot of good ideas while riding the train. There’s something about seeing so many strangers living their lives on the same commute that feels so familiar to me, and prompts me to reflect on my experiences and memories, usually triggering some sort of writing idea. 

What was the writing and production process like? 

After getting that chorus idea down on the train, I finished writing the song with Rich Tuorto and Ben Anetlis, who also co-produced it. It was mixed by Tiger Darrow and mastered by Gabi Grella – two very talented women in this industry! The whole EP that “Sucker Punch” is on came together over the course of this past year. I was writing with the intention of creating some sort of body of work, but I didn’t know the direction I was heading in until I wrote “Sucker Punch.” Once we wrote that, it was clear what belonged together and where I wanted to take the project. I had a set of different songs that I was potentially going to release together, but it became clear that those songs alongside “Sucker Punch” told a bigger story. The last 3 songs on the project were all written in the same 2-3 month period. I worked with a bunch of friends that I’ve been working with for a while, in addition to some new ones, which was really fun. For example, “Men Like You,” a song that’ll come out with the EP this summer, was made with Sasha Campbell, Annick Blaize, and Tiger Darrow – who are all super close friends of mine and have been with me since the beginning of my artist project. “Here For The Drama” on the other hand, was written with Rich Tuorto, Ben Antelis, and Gavin Hudner – all very talented people that I met only this year. 

Did writing the song help you feel any better? 

Seeing how many people have resonated with it certainly has.

This song recently played on BBC. What was that like? 

SO COOL! I was in Florida with my family and didn’t know what time it was going to get played exactly, so we all sat by the pool listening to great music until we heard the host, Maia, announce my name. I’ve never had a song played on the radio like that before, so it was a really exciting first of hopefully many more radio spins!

Can you give us a little preview about what to expect from the music video? 

There may or may not be a ring of fire.

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to the song, what do you imagine it looking like? 

Probably with a gin and tonic in one hand and dart in the other (to promptly aim at a board with your terrible ex’s photo taped to the middle of it). 

What can fans expect from your upcoming EP? 

Some of my favorite songs I’ve made to date!!!! This EP airs out some of the messy emotions that come with navigating relationships, heartbreak, and self image as a twenty-something year old. With “Sucker Punch,” I’m sort of sitting in this revenge fantasy, listing out all these things I could do to get back at the person who hurt me. At the end of the day though, it’s really just me lost in my head trying to make myself feel better. A few songs on this EP toy with that – the things we do to make ourselves feel a little better, even if they aren’t the healthiest. 

Describe your EP in one word? 

Chaotic-good. That’s technically two words, but who’s counting?

What do you want people to take away from the single and the EP? 

To unapologetically feel your feelings, NEVER take shit from unworthy men, and remember that even when you’re sad, you’re still hot!

What can fans look forward to next?

I have so much planned for the roll out of this EP. New merch, more fun visuals, lots more shows… I love finding ways to get the fans involved in things too, so they should expect more interactive stuff as well! 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?

It’s not the most poetic, but a longtime motto of mine is simply: Don’t Be A Dick.

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