PODCAST: Thomas Day Chats “Vicious”

On our latest podcast episode, we chatted with Thomas Day. 

Over the past two years, Thomas has been captivating TikTok audiences with covers and his ability to channel his heartache into catchy, radio-ready hits.

His new single “Vicious” released via Arista Records captures the heartache of betrayal and manipulation. 

We chatted with Thomas about the single, the “rage room” inspired music video, and more!


Excerpt from the podcast:

What inspired “Vicious”? 

Now I know it wasn’t the best decision, but it was like 3:00 AM at my house and I was talking to my ex-girlfriend. We had already broken up at the time, but she was telling me how she wanted to get back together, but by the end of the conversation, like right at the end, she told me that she actually had a new boyfriend.

And I was like, ‘oh no.’ And I didn’t even realize that I was talking to her for about three hours. I got so freaked out by it when she said that and she was saying that she loved me and stuff, which is where that line comes in. I just started writing it in my basement and it just came together.

So do you tend to write a lot from your real life experiences? 

Oh yeah. I make every single one of my songs a hundred percent relevant to what I’m feeling, in the moment of when I’m writing it. I feel like that’s like what I have to do. I don’t think I’d be able to do it a different way. 

Listen to the rest of the podcast here

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