EXCLUSIVE: Will Linley Talks “Last Call”

South African artist, Will Linley recalls a fateful night out on his nostalgic single “Last Call.” 

In 2021, the break-out artist made his chart topping debut with “miss me (when you’re gone).” Since then, Will has continued to connect with his fans through his honest lyrics, reflective storytelling, and positive attitude. 

We chatted with Will about “Last Call,” filming the music video, and more! 

What inspired your new single “Last Call”?

“Last Call” is a song that tries to encapsulate the nostalgia and emotion of the songs that we all love to dance to. It’s my nod to all my favourite songs to dance to. 

What was the writing and production process like? 

It took a long time to get right! We wrote it in February of 2022 and only finished it in October of 2022! We had to rewrite the verse to make sure it felt right. It took a long time to get the guitars and the groove right of the track.

You mentioned on TikTok that you “nervously released it.” What was your hesitation?

It’s just such a nerve-wrecking process putting a song that I have poured so much into, out into the world. It’s exciting but also an interesting process because my hope is that people will connect with the song. 

The track hit 1 million streams in just over a week after its release! What has it been like to see such a positive reception to “Last Call”?

It’s so incredible and so overwhelming in every sense of the word. I really feel so lucky to be in this space and I just hope people will love the music that is to come! 

How did you and director Abongwe L. Booi come up with the concept for the music video and what was it like to film it? 

A lot of long nights and face times! It took us some time to get the concept right. But we knew we wanted to include the fans in the video, we were set on that idea from the get go! I trust Abongwe so much, I knew we’d get it right, we just had to be patient.

You included 50 fans in the video. What was it like to have your fans be a part of the project? 

IT WAS THE BEST! I loved the time with them. They were so incredibly patient and brought so much energy to the whole shoot.

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to the single, what do you imagine it looking like? 

On the dance floor surrounded by the people they love singing it at the top of their lungs!

What can fans look forward to next? 

We have a new single on the way and some shows around the mid-year. 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?

“This too shall pass.” When you feel the weight of the world, and you feel down, know that it’ll pass, life moves on and things will be okay. JUST KEEP GOING!! Live life day by day, don’t take things too seriously. Always be in the moment.

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