PODCAST: From Heartbreak to Headliner: Haiden Henderson Chats New Single ‘bleachers’

Millennials remember the satisfying karmic story of Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r Boi.” However, rising artist Haiden Henderson is actually living out those pop-punk dreams with his new single “bleachers.” 

After breaking things off with an unsupportive ex, the aerospace engineer turned singer-songwriter found fuel in the heartache to begin his meteoric rise. 

Three years and millions of streams in, Haiden is playing sold-out headlining shows and is “blowing out your speakers” one pop hit at a time. 

On our latest podcast, we sat down with Haiden Henderson to chat “bleachers,” performing live, and how he’s having a “hell of a good time” with it all.  

Excerpt from the podcast: 

What was the inspiration behind your song “bleachers”?  

It was  a combination of two things. I was dating someone that had never gone to a show of mine. We dated for two years and she never came to a show, and had a hard time celebrating any of these things that I was doing. Overall, it just felt like she looked down on me pursuing music in some way, which looking back, I get it because I was making TikToks for four hours a day in my bathrobe every day. I was definitely not an easy person to date because I was practically delusional. 

It was that feeling that I had from that relationship, and wanting to prove her and maybe just anybody that didn’t think I can do it wrong through just a fun story. But more than that, I watched an interview with Lady Gaga where she talked about her ex-boyfriend saying that she would never amount to anything, that no one would listen to her music. And in some heated argument, he said that. In the interview, she said, ‘from that moment on, I decided he would never be able to buy a coffee without hearing my music.’ And I just thought that was like the fucking coldest response ever. That was so gangster. 

So it was the combination of those two things where I was like, I want to be unavoidable so that this person knows that they messed up by not supporting me in some way. And that’s where “my face on your friend’s t shirt” and  “you’re going to wait in line. You’re holding up a sign” … all these things – it’s like, I’m going to be so unavoidable with my success, hopefully one day…as revenge, I suppose.