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PODCAST: Barny Fletcher Chats ‘JETPACK’ Mixtape

Featured Photo Credit: Darren Filkins

On our latest podcast, we chatted with Barny Fletcher. This rising London-based artist has launched his latest mixtape project, JETPACK

During COVID, when we were all stuck inside, Barny found opportunity in “the infinite labyrinth, which is the internet.” Delving into the plethora of beats, Barny was inspired by the work of some Platinum and Grammy winning producers. 

Blending those hip-hop beats and R&B melodies with his laser sharp lyricism, Barny has produced 10 high-octane tracks to get lost in, including “Weakness” and “Breakfast at Isabel’s.”

We chatted with Barny Fletcher about the mixtape, performing live, and more!

Excerpt from the podcast:

How does it feel to finally have the mixtape out? 

It feels good. It feels very good. As an artist, as a musician, you write a lot of stuff. You write lots and lots and lots of stuff, and lots of work builds up, and you’ve got lots of music sitting everywhere. You want to release all of it all at once. Every time there is a release, a project release, it’s like a nice little cleanse. Do you know what I mean? Once it’s out, you’re like, Oh, okay, there we go. People can finally listen to that music.  It’s refreshing to have new music out. 

What was the writing process like for this mixtape? 

For this tape.  It  was a weird one because, I mean, most of it was written at the kind of tail end of COVID. I wasn’t fully back into doing like studio sessions and all this kind of stuff yet.  Over COVID a lot of the time I was, when I came to writing stuff, I had beats and instrumentals and stuff sent to me, but scrolling through YouTube, I used to do that and just find instrumentals. And it’s what I used to do when I first started making music, like when I very like first started in like 2018. I would scroll for music and find like YouTube type beats, so like a Drake type beat or Kendrick type beat.  I was doing that around that time and I just found a few producers that I really f*cked with and thought they were really good. It’s kind of like finding a diamond in the rough, you know? It’s like, damn. There’s so much music online though. It’s hard to find good stuff, but when you do find good stuff, it’s like, Oh, damn. This has been sitting online for like a year or two years and no one’s used it or they haven’t turned it into a song yet.

Listen to more from the interview on our podcast. 

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