P!nk Releases New Album Trustfall

Whether it’s her stellar voice, her incredible acrobatics, or overall just lovable personality, P!nk has proven again and again, album after album, she’s a rockstar/pop star and mother, and her new album, Trustfall, shows her entering a different stage of her life, parenthood that rock flare.

Her new album has songs that talk about the loss of her father such as her emotional song “When I Get There.” There’s also songs that are more fun and talks about how life is full of bumps in the road, such as her inspirational song “Turbulence,” there’s a song for everything in life on this album. It’s an album for adulthood and figuring out what life is about, loss, love, self-exploring and being adventurous and bold.

You can stream P!nk’s brand new album, Trustfall, now.

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