Outer Banks Season Three Lives Up To The Hype

PARADISE ON EARTH, Outer Banks, Charleston, SC, John B, all the things you think about when you watch Outer Banks on Netflix. The thrilling series is back for season three and the adventures are getting crazier, with the first eight minutes of the season showing the pogues being trapped on an island. The fictional teen drama picks up after the pogues escaped the kooks from almost taking what was rightfully the pogues, which obviously did not happen. This new season will most likely not gain any new viewers but at least it will for sure entertain the dedicated viewers right from season one, which is all a Netflix show needs, dedicated viewers.

On island, which they call “Poguelandia,” very on-brand for them, they are thriving, catching fish for dinner and sun bathing and talking about life, but it’s not long until they’re rescued and tossed right back into the middle of yet another treasure hunting adventure, this one putting them directly on the road to the lost city of El Dorado. They’re not along of course, with Ward and Rafe back for their own special brand of shenanigans, and odd father-and-song side angst. We’re also introduced to a new villain, Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen). Singh is super wealthy, has an amry of mercenaries at his disposal and of course is obsessed on finding where El Dorado is due to family ties. He makes everyone else’s life difficult trying to find it. There’s a lot to tune into this season, but you’ll have to watch the show if you’re at all intrigued, since spoilers aren’t cool. The fun of watching Outer Banks is not knowing at all how they’re going to steer the ship and land. Make sure to tune in and decide whether you’re a pogue or kook!

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