REVIEW: Panic! At The Disco is Back with Electrifying New Single

Panic! At The Disco has made their much awaited return to the music scene this past week with their new single “Viva Las Vengeance.” The song is set to be the titular track for the band’s forthcoming album, which will be released on August 19. Along with the single, the band is seen starring in a fantastical music video set to give listeners a glimpse into the new world of Panic! At The Disco.

Known for being high energy and creating catchy melodies, the band keeps the traditions alive with an ever-so-catchy tune. Setting off at a racing speed, the track jumps right in with a heavy handed eighth note riff grounded in unison chords and a clean drum track.

 Croony backing vocals mimic the lead, giving the track a feel reminiscent of ‘60s bubblegum pop. The band takes a breakdown for a slightly underwhelming guitar solo mimicking the riff that haunts the entirety of the song.

After a gentle bridge the song comes back at racing speed with frontman Brendon Urie’s extreme vocal range and power on display. Hitting notes that make almost any listener’s vocal chords ache, Urie’s still got it and wants to show just that. 

The campy video finds the band on a made-for-television stage in a ‘60s inspired talkshow, fit with a shiny host to introduce the band. As the song gets going, lead singer Urie starts falling victim to mysterious attacks at the hands of his musical instruments. 

The group continues to play as Urie struggles to carry on with the song, breaking knuckles on his piano, suffering a slash over his eye from a snapped guitar string, and falling off the piano bench resulting in a gnarly leg fracture. 

The story takes grotesque after grotesque turn until Urie is eaten alive by a deranged piano-monster at the end of the track. But it is revealed that the horrific happenings were a mirage mirroring the horrors of the music industry. 

The band is set to embark on a worldwide arena tour with the North American leg launching on September 8. Dates and tickets can be found here and you can pre-save the new album here