Maisie Peters and Matt Maltese Collaborate on “Cate’s Brother (Matt’s Version)”

Featured Photo Credit: Erik Rojas

On June 3, pop singer-songwriter Maisie Peters released “Cate’s Brother (Matt’s Version)”, a fresh take on her most recent hit. Following the success of “Cate’s Brother”, Peters enlisted British singer-songwriter Matt Maltese to collaborate on a new version. Most known for his hit song “As The World Caves In”, Maltese brings a similar softness to this acoustic rendition. 

The bulk of the track consists of lilting piano and expanded background vocals to create the gentle tone of this stripped-back version. Maltese contributes a newly written second verse giving the perspective of Cate’s brother as he falls for Maisie. Both sing together about their concerns for the new relationship in the second chorus, augmented by additional strings and drums. By the final verse, both achieve their happy ending to the sound of soft piano chords as Maltese sings, “I won’t drag it out, I’ve got it now, life’s half a life without her”. 

Peters is currently supporting Ed Sheeran on the “+ – = ÷ × Tour” in Europe while working on her sophomore album.