Palm Royale: Kristen Wiig Shines in a Colorful 1960s Comedy Series

Before the era of Instagram stories and TikTok videos, the allure of gossip magazines and television offered a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy and beautiful. Enter “Palm Royale,” Apple TV+’s latest comedy set in the 1960s, adapted from Juliet McDaniel’s novel “Mr. & Mrs. American Pie” by Abe Sylvia.

Kristen Wiig stars as Maxine Simmons, a bold Palm Beach transplant determined to carve out a glamorous life for herself, even if it means bending a few rules. Set against the backdrop of the exclusive Palm Royale country club, Maxine’s audacious antics lead her to clash with the club’s elite, including Norma Delacore (Carol Burnett) and Evelyn Rollins (Allison Janney).

Despite facing constant rejection, Maxine persists in her quest to infiltrate Palm Beach’s inner circle, aided by unexpected allies like feminist activist Linda Shaw (Laura Dern) and observant waiter Robert (Ricky Martin). The series brims with absurdity, from charity events to pill parties, all captured through a pastel-infused lens.

However, while “Palm Royale” delights with its colorful satire, the series occasionally veers into overindulgence, with its 10 episodes feeling overstuffed and frenetic. Yet, amidst the chaos, Maxine’s determination to pursue her dreams resonates, offering a compelling narrative of ambition and resilience.

In the end, “Palm Royale” may be a whirlwind of extravagance and eccentricity, but at its core lies the captivating journey of a woman unapologetically chasing her desires—a journey viewers can’t help but cheer for.