Nick Kingswell releases single “Homesick” off latest album

Australian singer/songwriter Nick Kingswell recently released his newest track “Homesick.” The single is comprised of raw vocals, feverous guitar sequences, organic piano melodies, and relatable lyrics. Drawing from memories of Australia’s oceans, beaches and landscapes, Kingswell also adds a bit of grit to deliver a cinematic feel, layered with emotional musical movements. 

“Homesick” lyrically describes Kingswell’s move from Australia to the UK. “I love living in the UK and I feel equally as lucky to get to go home to a place like Phillip Island. It’s the best of both worlds. But the feeling of being homesick comes and goes,” shared Kingswell.

This release is the lead single on Kingswell’s new 12 track album, Brontide.  Produced by James Bunton, the album rhythmically speaks of a distant feeling, hope, and finding light at the end of a dark emotional tunnel.

“I used some big brush strokes, but in saying that, I think I still managed to paint a picture” says Kingswell about this folk album.

Listen here.