Nat & Alex Wolff Return to Music with Sold-Out Show in Boston

After a seven year hiatus, Nat & Alex Wolff are inviting fans to pull up a seat to their Table For Two tour. 

The six city tour will bring the sibling duo across North America, making stops in Illinois, Texas, Georgia, and New York. On January 21, the brothers served up nostalgia and great tunes to a sold-out Boston crowd at Sonia. 

True to his name, opener and longtime Nat and Alex Wolff band member, Boris and the Joy kicked off the night and the tour with a sense of pure exuberance. The performer managed to get the crowd smiling and moving even as they thawed out from queuing in the Boston cold. His uninhibited energy was just a sample of what was to come from Nat and Alex.

During lockdown, the brothers became roommates for the first time since high school. With lots of downtime and plenty of inspiration, Nat and Alex cooked up a brand new album in just 11 days. The result was their latest release, Table for Two, and what Nat calls “the single best creative experience in our lives.” 

Photo of Alex Wolff performing in Boston
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

That same explosive verve and uninhibited creativity was apparent from the moment the duo walked on stage with their winter parkas. Without skipping a beat, they were off and running with a set that included music from their latest album all the way back to their Nickelodeon days. Whether old or new, the crowd knew every word. 

With the same reverberative spirit behind the making of their album, the brothers also bounced from guitar to drums to piano and then back to guitar. 

Photo of Nat Wolff performing in Boston
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

While songs like their classic “If That’s Not Love” were nostalgic, “Lucky You” showed an artistic evolution and a sound that blends the best of Steely Dan and Harry Styles. 

In between songs like “Glue” and “Head’s On Loose,” the brothers engaged with everyone from the front row to their friend Daniel over by the bar, “you’ve got to stop talking and farting over there,” Alex called to him. Nat even jumped down into the crowd during the encore.

As Nat, Alex, and the band took their bows for a cheering crowd, it was was clear that the crowd was overjoyed to have them back. If that’s not love, then what is?

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