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McFly’s Electrifying ‘Power To Play’ Tour: A Journey Through London’s Autumn to Remember

In the chilly Autumn of London, we trekked uphill (and it was a long walk!) to the beautiful venue of Alexandra Palace to see none other than British pop-rock band McFly host their Power To Play tour.

The tour title comes from their 7th album, released in June of this year and peaked at number one on the UK Independent Albums Chart, throwing the band into success in their 20th year.

So of course we needed to get a front-row ticket and experience their latest album live, along with some of the best throwback hits like Five Colours in Her Hair and All About You.

Beginning with the traditional YMCA chant, the audience was hyped up and ready to go. It quickly transitioned into the intro for Where Did All The Guitars Go? The crowd was cheering, screaming along each lyric and the band rocked the stage, covering every inch of it and playing to the audience.

Next was Land of the Bees- a hit off the latest album and it went down a treat as their fans proved they got that album to no.1 by screaming back every single word.

The band had an array of guests including Rou from Enter Shikari feature on Corrupted, Steven Battelle from Lost Alone on Shine On, and, James Bay who co-wrote Forever’s Not Enough and they also covered his hit song Hold Back The River.

During Everybody Knows, Danny Jones scoured the crowd for a cowbell player to come up on stage and play with them. A lucky fan was selected and of course, she did a great job, earning a hug from the band and left with a smile on her face.

Ending with, of course, none other than our favourite hit Five Colours In Her Hair, McFly delivered the best show we could have asked for. The show was full of energy (especially when all 10,000 of us sang along to Obviously), good vibes, and enjoyment.