MABES Releases New EP, Keeping the Noise Down

After releasing her critically acclaimed 2019 debut album Wait & See, British folk-pop artist MABES is back with her latest EP, Keeping the Noise Down and her new single,Might As Well.” The four track project highlights her unique fusion of pop and country.

Through dreamy, guitar rich melodies and relatable lyrics, MABES gives listeners a glimpse into her own struggles with cyber bullying, social anxiety and endurance through it all. “I was the ‘new girl’ 3 times throughout my school years, and every time I started somewhere new I thought ‘this will be the time I find my real friends.’ But no matter what, other kids my age were just very different to me. I questioned who I was, what I believed in, and wondered why no one else thought as deep about things as me. I couldn’t find that place where I was comfortable, or where I belonged. My friends were shallow and I couldn’t see the good in anything. The songs in my Keeping The Noise Down EP are a reflection of those times and how it was for me,”  MABES shared.  “Although it was a painful time, it’s actually shaped me to be a better, more understanding person in adulthood. For that, I’m glad. Now I’m on a mission to help people out there that feel like I did – ‘the new girl’ – realize they’re not alone and that there’s quite a few of us that just want to keep the noise down…”

You can listen to the EP here: 

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