Lauren Jauregui Praises Social Distancing In New Song “50ft”

Lauren Jauregui has recently released her latest single “50 ft.” The new track is accompanied by a music video which was shot back in December with Jauregui’s family and friends. 

While the single was written back before the quarantine days, it seems to hold a double-meaning now and ironically was released at the right time. The lyrics surround her genuine and real lifestyle revealing that she keeps a close-circle of loved ones and effortlessly sees through “the bullshit.” And if she suspects you are bringing negative energy into her life or can’t encourage her, she needs you 50 feet away or more. 

Jauregui chatted about the new single and the writing process behind it in an Instagram post: “I wrote it from a space of reflection on how I interact with the world energetically and this artwork truly encapsulates the feeling of distance spoken about in the song while asserting the closeness of my relationship to my loved ones.” 

The music video features some of her childhood friends as well as her close-knit family. Its calming vibe and authentic lyrics give listeners an exclusive peek into the singer’s mind and everyday life outside of the studio and off the stage. Jauregui has always been one to stay honest and keep it real, both on social media and through her music, and “50 ft” remains a testament to that. 

The singer-songwriter describes the new single as “another little piece” of her heart. The video and track have already captivated fans across social platforms. As usual, they are loving it. With her supporters residing from all over the world, countless fans remained dedicated to staying up just to hear “50 ft” as soon as it premiered. Currently, Jauregui continues to release bilingual singles and gain praise for her versatility as a solo-artist. And if one thing is certain, this is just the beginning of a new era for her.