Kyd the Band Reflects on Personal Struggles in New Single “Corridors”

Featured Photo Credit: Garret Hayes

Nashville’s alt-pop act Kyd the Band (aka Devin Guisande) released his new single “Corridors,’ a teaser for his upcoming EP ‘Season 3: The Realization,’ due out this October.

This latest track was co-written with Adam Friedman and Kevin Griffin and produced via Zoom, in 2020 fashion. 

Through a musical note sequence, consistent drum beats, and quickened lyrics, the track’s unencumbered lyrics detail brain loop entrapment after failed relationships.  “Lyrically, it’s about realizing there are spaces in my mind I’ve created for people who have hurt me,” Guisande says.

The track reflects Kyd the Band’s honesty and his willingness to always delve deeper in his music to reveal his isolated childhood, departure from home and family, drug overdose, and survival.

Kyd the Band metaphorically captures these painful and emotional experiences in the accompanying music video. 

Kyd the Band’s music is introspective and offers a thoughtful respite from the often-chaotic world. “With everything I write, I try to write directly from my life and what’s in my heart,” says Guisande. “I’d love for my music to reach all the kids like me, who are maybe questioning what they were raised to believe or feel like they haven’t found where they belong just yet. I hope those kinds of people hear what I have to say, and see a bit of their own story in my songs,”  says Guisande.

With his music compared to Twenty One Pilots and The Neighborhood, this singer-songwriter has gained support from numerous outlets and has been recognized for his inspiring Season 1 and 2 EP releases.

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