JXDN “WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS”: 2000s Punk-Pop is Here to Stay

You’d swear JXDN’s latest album ‘WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS’ came out in 2004 not 2024.

The album possesses undeniable similarities to the 2000s pop-punk scene, but JXDN manages to connect the emotional undertones to that of the 2020s. It’s no surprise JXDN’s second studio album has received much critical acclaim followed by a global tour.

The 17-track album begins with the reminiscent “LOST ANGEL.” The song discusses loss and reflection complimented by an acoustic guitar with many of the lyrics focusing on the discomfort that comes with silence. Although it’s sonically different from a majority of the project, the track provides an incredibly vulnerable and profound glimpse into JXDN’s thought processes. 

JXDN transitions into a more punk-pop sound on the album’s second track, “CANDLES.” The electric guitar riffs combined with the repetition of anxious frustration in the chorus are evocative of early Blink-182 – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Travis Barker produced the track (as well as the entire album).

The album truly has no lulls, despite it being a full 17 tracks. JXDN continues the same beloved electric guitar riffs but still manages to expand and nuance what the punk-pop scene sounds like nowadays.

SH!T” is a standout on the project. The seventh track is a song that will inevitably stick in your head for weeks in the best way possible. The second verse goes: “I know that you miss me, fell in love with misery/Put a bullet in my head, you read the eulogy.”

The twelfth track on the album “YOU NEEDED SOMEONE I JUST HAPPENED TO BE THERE” comments on the pitfalls of romance in 2024. The chorus repeats: “I don’t care if you don’t care./You probably with someone, somewhere.” It’s an incredibly energetic piece complete with solid drums and the essential punk vocal rasp; it’ll undoubtedly be a thrill to catch JXDN play this song live.

The final and titular track on WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS brings the album full circle, returning to the melancholic instrumentals and vocals. In a very hushed tone, JXDN sings to comfort a likely partner as an acoustic guitar crescendo in the background. It creates a sense of urgency and understanding while still tugging on your emotional investments.

In a world where most artists release 10-12 tracks on a longer project, it’s an impressive feat to have a 17-track album. Not only does JXDN achieve that, but he manages consistency, excitement and novelties throughout the entire album that keeps listeners engaged.

Tickets to JXDN’s tour can be found here: https://www.jxdnmusic.com

Featured Photo Credit: Harry Toohey