Juniper Release New Single “More Than I Can Handle”

Featured Photo Credit: Hayley Bigness

Trio band Juniper recently released their newest track “More Than I Can Handle.”  

A shrilled ring from an antique phone marks the beginning of the track’s kinetic fun video. The song’s steady beat, seamless easy lyric stream, and relatable story line, are juxtaposed against the video’s manic tone, as the trio takes an energetic run from their apartment to the store, park and city streets.

“More Than I Can Handle” is the fourth and final single from Juniper’s debut album “Distance Keeps Me Distant.” 

Scott Johnson (singer), Alejandro Marin (drummer), and Ahren Shreeve (guitarist) plan to release the full debut album in June.

Daydream (brake lights),” the band’s prior release, was well received by its 80,000 monthly listeners and 3,000 Instagram followers.

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