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New Artist Spotlight | Part 7

The latest edition of New Artist Spotlight features emerging artists sharing their perspectives on social pressures, relationships, and identity. Check then out below!

Vague Detail 

Following the success of their 2019 single “Surface,” R&B duo are formally introducing themselves with their self-titled EP. 

Kaleem Taylor’s smooth vocals and The Code’s celebrated production combine to create five chill tracks that give a glimpse at what is to come. 

“It’s only the beginning,” the duo teases, “We are taking the first steps in building something special. We believe there is so much more work to do, so many things to explore and are looking forward to the future.”

Zac Pajak 

London based artist Zac Pajak, known for his work with Major Lazer and McFly, recently released his sophomore EP ‘Midnight.’

The four track EP ranges emotions and genres with its easy going songs like “About Time” to dance tracks like “Silverlining.” 

“I wanted to make music that’s a little more feel good, that sounds and feels like positivity, no matter how emotionally tough the subject matter,” Zac explains, “Although a couple of the songs touch on heavy topics like identity and longing, music has such an amazing power to make people feel happy when they’re sad, sad when they’re happy and I believe it’s almost our duty as artists right now to use that power and provide people with something uplifting after such a challenging year.”

BXB Love

Following her slow-tempo debut “matrix,” genre-bending artist BXB Love returns with “Ignorance Song.”

The liberating, gritty alt-rock anthem is “about letting go of your perceived and projected identities, and realizing that we just ARE,” Love says.  

BXB Love hopes that the track will be an, “anthem to a generation that is rewriting what identity means and the ways in which we choose to express that.”

Max Leo

East Yorkshire artist Max Leo takes a swing at a “normal love song” with his new single “could be something.” 

The laid back bedroom-pop track “tells the story of the not so perfect start of a relationship,” Leo shared. 

He continued, “I tend to write a lot about having my heart broken and tough times in my life so it was really full-filling to write about an exciting positive moment. We met on holiday and we were jumping off waterfalls and all that kind of stuff so I wanted to use some of that imagery as metaphors within the song hence the line “so jump in, the waters deep I promise”.

Leo’s signature harmonies and disco elements can be heard on his forthcoming debut EP ‘kinda romantic.’


UK DJ-producer duo Punctual are back with their second single of 2021, “Smoke Ring.” 

The infectious dance track will have you ready for the club with its catchy breakdowns and pulsing bass. 

Titus Bank 

During a writing trip to Toronto, Canadian artist Titus Bank was inspired to explore alt-pop by his friends in the band VALLEY. 

This exploration produced his contemplative new single, “I Do Yeah.” Between a minimalistic melody and explosive hook, Bank sings about what he describes as “the tug-of-war between self-betterment and letting go of social pressures.”

Bank shared a music video that is a colorful artistic interpretation of the single.

Kwaku Asante

“Angel” is the latest release form UK contemporary R&B artist Kwaku Asante and the first single off his upcoming EP ‘ODE’ out on June 25th.

Amidst laidback guitar, Asante’s signature baritone carries the weight of the emotional lyrics about,  “how selfish I am leading to neglecting a partner, not because I don’t care about them but because I want to be successful in music. The toxicity in the song is that I hoped that she would stay around, regardless of my actions and carry on being my shoulder to cry on, the person I vent to. It’s ironic, given the song sounds positive,” Asante shared. 

The release is accompanied by a muted video directed by Curtis Essel.


After years of honing her craft and co-writing for popular artists including Jason Derulo and Tate McRae, Canadian multi-hyphenate Naliya is finally ready to share her music with the world. 

Her debut single, “Handshakes” is an ethereal bop. The infectious track is minimalist with percussive 808s, muted bass line, and keys.


Nathan Gagné (vocals/guitar), Jamie Snytte (guitar) and Kyle Ruggiero (bass) of Montreal indie-pop group, Ivytide are sharing their latest moody lo-fi track “miss u btw.” The trio laidback track, “represents one side of a two-tailed story,” the band shares, “Parting ways with someone leads to an inevitable feeling of withdrawal, pulling you back into the relationship you once had. The other side of the story reflects all the countless fights and sleepless nights that drew you apart in the first place. While knowing things ended for a reason, a creeping feeling of nostalgia ceases to put your mind at ease.”

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